Object Oriented Programming

When writing code, it is best to limit the duplication of code as much as possible. To that end, I am going to share here the articles and websites I used to get what I feel like is a good grasp on the idea of objects and OOP.

I started with a good understand of what objects and classes are, as defined by Oracle:


I also read part 5 of the transcript from a David Gries speech here:


Next, I went through part 3 of Yakov Fain’s book Java Programming for Kids. Yes, its for kids but combined with the 2 listed above I was able to get what I consider a sound understand of how objects and classes work.


Please share any insight on OOP that you care to. My mind is an open book at this point and I’m trying to take in everything I can. Thanks in advance.

Next I’m going to start on actual programming, the obligatory “Hello, World” type stuff as well as  operators, which I want to take a deep look at, it seems relational are usually taught early and the others added in as needed but I’d like to cover everything up front, we’ll see how that goes.







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