Diving into JavaScript (and treading water)

The past few days have been some of the best so far for me and my learning goals! When I found freeCodeCamp, I cranked out the HTML5 and CSS section along with the first round of development projects, the Tribute Page and the Portfolio Page. I really enjoyed going through these tutorials and will repeat this very soon. The Tribute page (with code, here) proved to be easy enough and I used a lot of the concepts and tags that I picked up in the material. I was feeling pretty confident. I started the Portfolio Page and added the main section, dropped a picture in and tested it on different size screens. I added the portfolio section and screenshots of my work (along with placeholders). For the contact section, I created some buttons to link to my media sites and created a contact form (based on what I found here). What I consider v1 of the page is completed. It looks clunky and is unpredictable on different browsers and screen sizes. I decided I needed some more practice. I came across a (tweet) by @CodeChickCode that mentioned Practical JavaScript by Gordon Zhu, from watchandcode.com. I have started working through these videos and I am truly grateful I stumbled onto them. The course gives a great overall picture of what you are doing when creating JavaScript applications. Mr. Zhu has a unique and thorough way of explaining JavaScript. I will continue working through Practical JavaScript, freeCodeCamp Basic JavaScript section, and experimenting on my own.


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