More JavaScript

The last few days have been a whirlwind for me, we added another member to the family on 5/26 and it has hard to juggle family time and coding. I am still working through freeCodeCamp‘s Basic JavaScript and Gordon Zhu’s Practical JavaScript. I feel like I’m learning, however, I haven’t had much chance to experiment on my own. That will be my focus the next few days. Below is a link to some reference materials I have been using to round out my studies. When I hit a wall of understand, I turn to these to attempt to clear things up:

Mozilla Developer Network

W3 JS tutorial

I’m beginning to understand how to manipulate the DOM and get my JavaScript code to interact with it instead of using the console my output. This was a stepping stone moment for me! Very cool to see your page come to life. I’ve got another 15% of the Practical JavaScript course to complete and about half of the Basic JavaScript tutorials. Once I finish those, I’ll discuss what I learned and where I plan on going to move forward!


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