My two-week cheat-sheet

Today is day 14 of my #100DaysOfCode. I feel like I have learned a lot and  progressing at a good pace. My wife and I added another child to the family so as can be expected, that had me doing only the 1hr minimum for a few days. I am back in full swing now and want to share what I’ve found helpful so far. At this point I feel good about HTML and CSS. Now, I’m no expert in either one yet, but feel very comfortable and can easily pull off simple tasks. I also know where to find the information I need when I run into something new. With JavaScript, I’ve only scratched the surface. I have messed around with it in the past and learned a little in a course I had last year (very little).

Below are the tutorials I have been using up to this point. I feel like these 4 have given me a good understanding of HTML and CSS:

For JavaScript I have used the below:

  • freeCodeCamp Basic JavaScript – Good intro to JS.
  • Gordon Zhu’s Practical JavaScript – Highly suggest this free course. Ties together a lot of loose ends from other tutorials.

With these tools I have been able to create some decent sites. These are my learning core to this point. I still have codecademy’s JavaScript modules to go through. Once completed my plan is to really start the grind on building some websites for my portfolio. I have signed up for #30Days30Sites and have been experimenting with GitHub so that I can post all of my sites there.

Sites for freeCodeCamp – My codepen profile

I have more sites I have worked on locally and will upload those to codepen in the next few days.


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